Nominations Committee will present on April 27 a list of those eligible to the Electoral Branch

The Electoral Nominations Committee estimates to present on April 27, 2021 before the plenary session of the National Assembly, the list of people eligible to occupy the positions of rectors and rectors of the Electoral Power.

The information was offered by deputy Giuseppe Alesssandrello, president of the committee, who explained that this Thursday, were assessed in a fair and profound way, the objections made to the applications, and the discharges presented by the citizens who were objected. «The list that initially was of 74 nominees, became 67 nominees, remember that 114 Venezuelans were nominated, who were decanted to 74 and now to 67,» explained the parliamentarian.

Deputy Giuseppe Alesssandrello recalled that the Electoral Nominations Committee, a few days ago, approved to open the process again until Friday, April 2, in which 16 citizens have already registered, who will go through the legal procedure, to have another list that will be presented to the National Assembly.

The Electoral Nominations Committee of the National Assembly is made up of 11 deputies from the 2 political blocs that make life in Parliament, and 10 citizens who are part of all sectors of society: 21 people who are overseers of legality