Venezuela ratifies its commitment to culture, science and education before Unesco

The Minister of People’s Power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, and the Minister of People’s Power for Indigenous Peoples, Aloha Núñez, reaffirmed Venezuela’s commitment to culture, science and education in a meeting they held on Wednesday with Audrey Azoulay, Director General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco)
The appointment of senior Venezuelan officials was given within the framework of the 40th Meeting of the General Conference of Unesco, which is held in Paris, capital of France, with the objective of monitoring the work undertaken and strengthening relations with the organization.
At that annual Unesco meeting, 120 ministers discussed the role of culture in public policies to promote sustainable development, as says the official Unesco website.
Villegas and Núñez also met with Saadia Sánchez, Unesco regional director in Quito and representative for Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, and discussed topics on projects to seek cooperation mechanisms between nations in education and culture.
The holder of the Culture portfolio also participated in the French city in the ordinary meeting of the Council of the Regional Center for the Promotion of Book in Latin America and the Caribbean (Cerlalc), for the definition and application of policies, programs, projects and actions for the promotion of books, reading and copyright in the city of Paris.
It should be noted that the minister of the cultural portfolio has been denouncing before Unesco that Venezuela is under siege, blocked and subjected to coercive and unilateral measures that seek, among other things, to prevent the population’s access to the cultural and educational dynamics that give identity, cohesion and national sense to the communities.
Likewise, he has stated that the US pretenses with these illegal measures have gone from one failure to another, highlighting the success of the recent 15th International Book Fair (Filven 2019), which ended on November 17, with an influx of more than 714,000 people, who attended forums, discussions and workshops, among other activities, in an integral encounter with the arts, and stressed the effort of the National Executive to guarantee the cultural rights that strengthen the cultural identity of the Venezuelan people.