This Thursday, the Sectoral Vice President for Citizen Security and Peace, A/J Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, led the act of destroying war toys, called “A gun not even as a game”, within the framework of the 8th Anniversary of the National Service for Disarmament (Senades).

From the Sucre parish, in the city of Caracas, he highlighted that thanks to the policies used by the National Government, “we have carried out more than 800 disarmament activities, reaching more than 41,000 people only with this Pilot Plan that we are doing, of destroying bellic weapons for healthy coexistence”.

He recalled that through the second historical objective of the Plan de la Patria (Homeland Plan)), the Mission Great Quadrants of Peace is strengthened, as a policy of the Venezuelan State in matters of Citizen Security: “We are strengthening the Citizen Security organs to combat all risks, vulnerabilities and threats to the protection of our people”.

The head of the Citizen Security Office indicated that these disarmament activities are being carried out together with the people, “Here are the communities and our sports stars, such as José Gregorio Montilla, Paralympic athlete and Pan American medalist, there are also children and adolescents. Precisely what we are looking for is the promotion of sport, culture, socialist justice and peace”.

He asked the Venezuelan people to join the effort made by the Bolivarian Government to guarantee peace, justice, tranquility, well-being and solidarity in the country: “We are going towards the control and disarmament of weapons, the Citizen Security agencies work to protect our people and we promote tranquility and peace for all Venezuelans,” said A/J Ceballos Ichaso.