Comptroller: This July 1 starts Update of Affidavit of Assets throughout the country

This Thursday, July 1 will begin the process of updating the Affidavit of Assets of Public Officials throughout the country.

This was informed by the Comptroller General of the Republic, Elvis Amoroso, who specified that a total of 145,188 public officials at all levels of public administration, throughout the national territory, must comply with this process.

In this regard, it specified that high-level officials and highest representatives of the public authorities, vice presidents, magistrates, goals, governors, ministers, mayors, councilors, deputies, representatives or managers of the autonomous institutes of the country, have the obligation to comply with this procedure, aimed at maintaining transparency and control in the exercise of the administration of resources and public function in general.

He pointed out that it is a personal statement of the heritage of public officials through the website of the General Comptroller of the Republic, a process that will remain open until July 31, 2021.

“The Affidavit of Assets is a legal tool the Venezuelan State has in order to avoid the facts of corruption, and all high-level officials are obliged by legal regulations make this statement,” Emphasized Amoroso.

Avoid sanctions:

He recalled that the law establishes severe sanctions for any high-level official who does not comply with the update of his affidavit of assets:Please do avoid the sanctions,” he exhorted.

Also, he said that the officials by popular election that aspire to re-election at any of the levels of representation, as well as the candidate men and women to the same, “will be reviewed by the affidavit of assets and accountability they had to do Annually before the institutions established by law, constitutions or regional ordinances”.

Any person who violates or refused to declare may not be a candidate under any circumstances, because the sanctions contemplate 12 months of disqualification to exercise public functions. If this came to occur, I want to say that it is your responsibility, not any kind of retaliation by the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Constitution and the laws of the Homeland”, he added.

Agile and transparent process:

In this context, the Comptroller General invited all high-level officials in public administration, to comply with the country and go without delay to this process. “The affidavit of assets is a legal tool the Venezuelan State has in order to avoid the facts of corruption, we are all obliged to collaborate in this fight.”

It finally noted that it is a simple procedure “it is easily done through the website of the General Comptroller of the Republic and if it has any inconvenience, the officials of this regulatory entity will be presented the whole month to guide them and guarantee them that they can do the Declaration in the best way “.