The mayor of Caracas, Carmen Meléndez, asserted this Monday that the new symbols of the capital claim the history of the peoples, as well as the revolutionary processes to achieve independence:

We vindicate everything that is the original peoples, the Afro-descendants, the whites, the miscegenation that we have in our country,” emphasized the mayor during the promulgation of the new patriotic symbols of the capital city.

In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, Meléndez explained that the three new symbols of the capital were chosen after a 54-day debate.

In the sessions – she explained – all the councilors participated, including the two representatives of the opposition, who decided to save their votes:

They are councilors who refuse to change, to update, to continue with the symbols of the colony (…) We, these people who saved their vote, will continue in their minds with the symbols of the colony. They are still in the colony, we who have to innovate, update every day”, stressed the highest authority of the capital city.

Faced with criticism about the alleged “repeal” of national symbols, Carmen Meléndez stressed that “for nine years, the city of Caracas lacked the use of symbols, because they were not used for nine years”.

In order to preserve history – as indicated the mayor of Caracas – the previous symbols will be protected in the Museum of Symbols:

We have to preserve history and save history”, she pointed out.

It should be remembered that, on April 13, the Municipal Council of Caracas approved the modification of the coat of arms, the anthem and the flag of the capital city.

The winning proposals were Omar Cruz, for the Shield; María Jiménez and Víctor Rodríguez, for the Flag, and Noel Márquez together with Manuel Barrios, authors of the lyrics and music, respectively, of “Caracas Vencerá” (Caracas Shall Overcome), the new anthem of the capital city.

On the other hand, she invited all citizens to participate this Tuesday in the commemorative acts of April 19.

For this, the Municipal Council will be opened so that the inhabitants can take a tour of the recovered areas.

Similarly, a special session will be held in the Santa Rosa Chapel, located in downtown Caracas:

“Tomorrow we will be here paying honors to our father of the country, a special session in the chapel of Santa Rosa, from there, of the Mayor’s Office of Caracas, where we will open the chapel so that the people come and visit the spaces of the recovered Municipal Council, with an exhibition of landscapes, a special room, where the people will have all day to visit the independence act book, will visit the recovered rooms”, she said.