Comptroller of the Republic delivers to AN projects to reform laws against corruption and CGR

This Monday Comptroller Elvis Amoroso delivered to the deputies of the Permanent Commission of the Comptroller of the National Assembly, the Partial Reform Project of the Decree with Rank, Value and Force of Law Against Corruption and the Reform Project of the Law of the Comptroller General of the Republic and the Fiscal Control System.

According to a press release by the CGR, the objective of these projects seeks to strengthen the efforts of the Venezuelan State in the fight against the scourge of corruption.

The meeting, held in the Comptroller’s Office, was attended by the president of the aforementioned parliamentary body, Alexis Rodríguez Cabello, and other AN authorities, who exchanged opinions regarding the legal instruments that are managed by the National Fiscal Control System (SNCF), thus optimizing them and adapting them to the new reality.

At the meeting, Amoroso specified that “these laws need to be modified and adapted to the new forms of corruption that are currently occurring. Corruption always evolves and therefore, the laws have to be reformed and adjusted to reality”.

Likewise, he highlighted that work was carried out in conjunction with the aforementioned Commission of the National Parliament, to finalize the details of the laws that regulate the actions of the Comptroller and the fight against corruption, by virtue of the fact that both laws maintain the social character, which is expressed through the Venezuelan people.

The highest representative of the Comptroller Body, stressed that a tour of the different states of the country will soon be carried out, to make a series of meetings with the governors and mayors, in order to deal with the fundamental aspects of both instruments.

In this sense, the president of the Comptroller Commission of the AN, Alexis Rodríguez Cabello, stated that these law projects are already in their second discussion phase:

The initial proposal for the partial reform of the Organic Law of the Comptroller General of the Republic and the National System of Fiscal Control, was issued directly by the Comptroller General, being a true advance for the fair distribution of State assets”.

He noted that a series of meetings are being held directly with the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, regarding public policies in the fight against corruption and other illicit acts that may be taking place in the country:

“Acts of corruption that directly affect the well-being and stability of our sovereign people could be taking place in our country”, asserted Rodríguez during his speech.

To conclude, he added that these laws will put a stop to illicit fuel smuggling and its improper extraction, as well as drug trafficking and any other criminal act in the country.