Maduro to youth: We need an ANC full of leadership and virtues

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, called on young people to register their candidacies for the National Constituent Assembly, since in his opinion this should be made up of people with leadership, commitment and great virtues.

“Let the best one win, let the most committed win… We need a National Constituent Assembly full of virtues, of leadership, truly popular,” said the Venezuelan Head of State in a telephone contact during the installation of the Student Front for the Constituent Assembly, held in Parque Central, in Caracas.

He stressed the importance of supporting all those who wish to register their candidacies: “We ratify the line of maximum amplitude and maximum participation, there are already activated the red spots throughout the country, to help collect signatures of pre-candidate men and women”.

He argued that: “Present and future must be connected” and the youth have the right to seize power, despite the attempts by the oligarchy to snatch it.

“You have to be the protagonists of the construction of dreams, of the present, do not believe in anyone who promises you the future, whoever promises it is deceiving you, I am not promising it to you, I am giving the power to you” said Maduro.

The National President assured that although the right wing’s plan is to impede the Constituent Assembly: “Nothing and nobody can impede it, in Venezuela there will be a Constituent Assembly and the people will have the power, that is what is written in destiny”.