Venezuela and Russia strengthen relations in energy area

The vice-president for the Economic area, Tarek El Aissami, headed the Russia-Venezuela High-Level Commission on Friday, with the aim of expanding bilateral relations between the nations, in order to strengthen cooperation ties:

«The energy relationship is a central axis of the Russia-Venezuela relationship. The agreements that are made between Venezuela and Russia should have a clear route, and direct leaders», he said.

He also stressed that «The items that are being produced today in Venezuela, are marketed in the Russian market». In addition, due to the good bilateral relations, new agreements will be signed between both countries.

He said that agreements are expected to be signed in the areas of mining and agriculture, which will be followed up at the next meeting, which is scheduled for December 13 in Caracas:

«We want Russia to participate in the exploration and exploitation of gold and coltan in the country. Venezuela is specifying the certification to prove to be the second and third nation with the largest reserves of gold in the world», he added.

The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Venezuela, Vladimir Zaemskiy, stressed that his country is willing to invest in the productive areas mentioned above.