AN approved list of citizens who will make up Nominations Committee

The National Assembly in ordinary session this Tuesday, approved the list containing the 10 citizens of civil society who, along with the 11 deputies will ultimately form the Preliminary Commission of the Judicial Nominations Committee whose responsibility will be the appointment of the 20 magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), the General Inspector of Courts and the director of the National School of the Judiciary.

Deputy Giuseppe Alessandrello, president of the instance, reported that the number of applications received reached record numbers. Until Sunday when the process ended, the Committee had received 104 applications. He detailed that of the 104 candidates, 86 citizens advanced, of which 10 were selected.

The list is made up by: Giovanni Nani; (Intellectual Movement), Carlos Boully (UCSAR University Rector), William García García (Afro-descendants), Evelyn Bermúdez (Women’s Movement), Jesús González (Teaching guild); Henry Han Llabar (Lawyers Guild); Mercedes Gutiérrez (Workers’ Movement); Arelys Poleo (Workers’ Movement); José Rafael Fuentes (Persons with Disabilities); Alfonso Granadillo Malavé (Lawyers Guild). The Committee will be formally installed on Wednesday, February 2.

He indicated that next Thursday the constituted committee will begin the call for the nominations of Magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice, (TSJ), at the same time, he invited all Venezuelans to take a step forward, because in his opinion, the country at this time needs the help of the best and the best, as noted Alessandrello.

For his part, deputy José Gregorio Correa, a member of the Preliminary Commission, made an acknowledgment t the 11 deputies and the technical staff for the entire process carried out to date.

He said that the Democratic Alliance joins unanimously with what was presented by deputy Giuseppe Alessandrello in the AN.