Government and opposition agree to start broad consultations with political actors in the country

This Monday, the head of the delegation of the Kingdom of Norway before the dialogue table in Mexico, Dag Nylander, reported on the new agreements reached by both parties, including the immediate start of broad consultation sessions with various political, social, national and international actors, in order to constitute an “efficient mechanism for consultation and participation” that contributes to the advancement and consolidation of decisions within the framework of the conversations.

At the conclusion of the third round of dialogue, held this weekend in Mexico City, Nylander read the joint statement, accompanied by Jorge Rodríguez, head of the Government delegation, and the delegate for the Unitary Platform, Gerardo Blyde.

In his presentation, he explained that both parties met and discussed important points on the agreed agenda, in addition to holding joint meetings, where positions were approached in the search for solutions to the challenges posed in social, economic and political matters.

Against xenophobia:

Another highlighting aspect has been the unanimous rejection by both delegations of the actions of xenophobia and violence against Venezuelan families in the Republic of Chile, which «constitute a serious violation of their rights,» and they also deplored the hate campaigns against the Venezuelans in other countries in the region.

Finally, they are grateful for the facilitation of the Kingdom of Norway, the support of the Russian Federation, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the host country, the United Mexican States, in this dialogue process.

Following, the full text of the Communiqué:


The Board of the Process of Dialogue and Negotiation on Venezuela, installed according to the Understanding Memorandum subscribed on August 13, 2021, met in Mexico City, in the United Mexican States, from September 25 to 27, 2021.

The parties were in session and began the discussion regarding important points of the agreed agenda. Also the diverse workgroups held joint meetings where positions were close in the seek of solutions to the challenges in social, economic and political matters.

The delegations coincided on the need to ensure a genre focus in the development of Dialogue and Negotiation, as well as in any agreements that may be reached.

They also continued in the identification of consultation mechanisms with political and social actors that are as much inclusive as possible. It was agreed to make immediately several consultation sessions with diverse political and social actors – both national and international – in order to constitute as soon as possible, an efficient mechanism of consultation and participation that can be installed in an inclusive manner.

The delegations expressed their rejection to the acts of xenophobia and violence against the Venezuelan families, which have happened recently in the Republic of Chile, and which constitute a very serious violation to their rights. Likewise, they deplored the campaigns of hatred in several countries against Venezuelan men and women.

Finally, they thank the facilitation work of the Kingdom of Norway, the accompaniment of the King of the Netherlands and the Russian Federation, and to the host country, the United Mexican States.

Given in Mexico City, on the 27nt day of September, 2021”.