Delcy Rodríguez denounces UNHCR’s hidden agenda to attack Venezuelan migration and favor Colombia

The Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez Gómez, denounced this Tuesday that the report made by the UN’s Refugee Agency (UNHCR), in 2021, has an arithmetic flaw with a hidden agenda by moving Colombia from the first country with the highest number of displaced persons, to the second country with the highest number as recipient of migrants:

It is the artificial creation of the humanitarian crisis war that the US Government has longed for so much to occur in Venezuela, to precisely intervene”, she denounced during the presentation of the 3rd Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights before the United Nations Organization (UN), held in Geneva (Switzerland).

Rodríguez explained that in 2020, UNHCR certified that Colombia is the first country with the largest number of internally displaced persons, as a result of the armed conflict and internal violence in the New Granadean country, specifically 8.3 million internally displaced persons.

Given this, the Vice President asked the following questions that arise from Venezuela as a neighboring country: Where did go all the millions of Colombian men and women who were displaced by violence, Colombian paramilitarism, drug production? Where did these Colombian brothers went to?…

To which she replied that the Bolivarian Nation has not labeled Colombians as refugees, «but we have welcomed them as brothers into our generous Human Rights system”, she stressed.

She detailed that in 2021 “a biased report, with methodological flaws, turns Colombia from the first country in number of internally displaced persons to a second country in number of migrants”.

In reference to the contradictions of this organization, Rodríguez called on the UNHCR and its authorities that have been disqualifying Venezuelan migrants for economic reasons, derived from the criminal blockade imposed by the United States government against Venezuela:

«We must avoid at all costs the political instrumentalization of the Human Rights System”, said the Executive Vice President in the framework of the 40th Period of Sessions of the UN Human Rights Council.