Maduro: Electoral Mission of the European Union tried to tarnish the electoral process of November 21

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, accused the Electoral Mission of the European Union (EU), of being spies who tried to tarnish the election process on November 21:

“What we saw in the European delegation we have not seen in any delegation in 22 years, they never deployed so many, in number, of supposed observers with a spy methodology, they came to spy on the Venezuelan electoral process”, he insisted.

During a new work journey to present the weekly balance of the fight against Covid-19, broadcast through the signal of Venezolana De Television, the national president drew attention to the number of delegates throughout the country “with a methodology of spies”:

“Who arrived? Spies! They tried to stain the impeccable electoral process of Venezuela and they could not, a delegation of spies (…) The European Union could not stain Venezuela, the electoral process was beautiful “, he emphasized, reiterating that in the country” there were verifiable, fair and free elections, and the Chavismo swept away”.

He declared that “the Revolution exists because it has this power, it has the people there on the streets, in the neighborhood, in the universities, in the high schools, there is Chavismo, we are real. Spy misters from the EU who came to Venezuela, we the Chavismo are true”.