President Nicolás Maduro orders to raise a great wave to denounce kidnapping of Alex Saab

Faced with the kidnapping of Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab, President Nicolás Maduro urged journalists, lawyers, and social movements in the country and around the world to raise a great wave of denounce for this new violation of the laws, carried out by the government of the United States.

He stressed that the kidnapping of Venezuela’s special envoy, Alex Saab, constitutes a flagrant violation of the instruments of diplomatic protection by the US administration: “There was no extradition order, a plane entered, in complicity with the outgoing government of Cape Verde and a gang of armed pirates took him to the United States”, he denounced.

In this sense, President Nicolás Maduro reiterated that the United States’s government knew that by kidnapping Alex Saab, a member of the dialogue commission, they were putting a deadly stab at the dialogues and negotiations installed in Mexico.

This was expressed by the president of the PSUV, during a work meeting with the members of the “Aristóbulo Istúriz” Campaign Command, expanded with the participation, by videoconference, of the candidates of the Simón Bolívar Great Patriotic Pole – GPPSB.

On the journey, Maduro reaffirmed that given the kidnapping of diplomat Alex Saab, he ordered the plenipotentiary commission headed by deputy Jorge Rodríguez, not to attend the journey of dialogue that would take place this Sunday in Mexican territory:

“Governments of the world have also begun to pronounce on the violation of diplomatic immunity and international law, while the Venezuelan Chancellory has initiated a series of actions before international organizations”,reported Maduro.

He considered that the withdrawal of the government delegation from the dialogue table was one of the first actions to respond to this new aggression, and announced that Venezuela has initiated the deployment of all the pertinent legal actions before the pertinent international organizations, to make justice prevail and to obtain the freedom and redress to Alex Saab and Venezuela:

Imperialism has always underestimated us, but they don’t know that they have touched a deeply Bolivarian fiber (…) this is just beginning and we revolutionaries are very good at these battles. We shall overcome!” He emphasized.

He reflected that one of the first responses has just been given by the worthy people of Cape Verde, who in their elections yesterday “took a toll on the Government and the corrupt elite (…) they have lost the elections”.