AN approves Organic Law of Peace Quadrants in first discussion

The plenary session of the National Assembly (AN) approved in the first discussion the Draft Organic Law of Peace Quadrants, which is framed in guaranteeing the protection of the people of Venezuela and citizen security officials.

Deputy Carlos Galbán stressed that this law consolidates strategic, tactical and operational actions to guarantee human security and preserve peace. He also said the legal instrument consists of six chapters and 29 articles.

In the ordinary session of this Tuesday, the Organic Law Project for the Care and Comprehensive Development of Elder Adults was also unanimously approved and sanctioned, in a second discussion.

This draft of the Law has five chapters, a final provision and a total of 43 articles that follow the respect for the human dignity of the elderly, the recognition of their autonomy, their good living, well-being and quality of life, paid work, safety, health, happy and dignified activity.