President Maduro demanded to bring public services to 100% for the welfare of the people

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, said this Friday that the country must further advance to guarantee public services for the people to one hundred percent:

“We have to take public services to one hundred percent for the welfare of the people, we have to do it on time and do it well,” said the president, while indicating that, in order to achieve this, Venezuela has the Homeland Plan.

Likewise, he said the country is going to come forward, and thus he urged the people to “renew the hope of a good, pretty, better Homeland. We will come forward, persevering, uniting forces, passing obstacles, surpassing difficulties, and facing the blockade and economic war, and opening the path to the recovery and economic prosperity of Venezuela”.

On the other hand, he urged the Executive Secretary of the “Somos Venezuela” (We are Venezuela) Movement, Mervin Maldonado, to culminate 120 Mission bases for June.

“I aspire that within three weeks, we will culminate and put the chest to these socialist mission bases, which are a meeting point and joint work of the community, which is a point to reach the Somos Venezuela movement and all the missions and Great missions.

President Maduro also referred to the fight against corruption, noting that “we have a frontal war against corruption and the corrupt ones, on that path we must march together to defend the ethics of millions of Venezuelans who believe in our effort and deposit their vote of trust in the revolution”. he stressed