Bolivarian Government ratified commitment to the people and economic sectors of the country

Despite the imperial aggressions and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Venezuelan economy, the National Government ratified its commitment to the social protection of the people and economic sectors of the country.

The vice president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Roríguez, affirmed that the economic measures, recently approved by the head of State, Nicolás Maduro, seek to protect mainly the most vulnerable sectors.

Through the Patria System, special bonuses will be granted to 2,100,000 workers in micro and small private companies, and 4 million self-employed workers, who have had to stay at home due to the radical quarantine. Also, the decree of job immobility was extended until December this year.

The vice president compared the situation in Venezuela with that of Brazil; While Nicolás Maduro guarantees the labor stability of the workers, Jair Bolsonaro dismisses hundreds of thousands of workers amidst the pandemic.

In Venezuela, residential and commercial evictions were prohibited, in addition, 25 percent of the payment of basic services rates was exempted, during the months of April and May, to those people who pay them through the Patria System.

Credit reclassification is also prohibited, because the Government knows that there are people who, as a result of the pandemic, will not be able to pay the credit and that can affect their history. Regarding the redirection of the single productive portfolio, Delcy Rodríguez pointed out that the bank loans will be to boost food production. In this sense, she said that national production will be strengthened and tariffs will be imposed on imported products, to avoid imbalances and obtain foreign exchange earnings.

The vice president also informed the country, which will soon be presented to the National Assembly, a draft of the Public Procurement Law, with which the State will have the obligation to buy what has been done in Venezuela. An additional data provided by Delcy Rodríguez was that so far in 2021, 3,581 companies have been registered, and those that continue to be created will not pay income tax, as long as they declare their income exempt, and comply with the established conditions and requirements.