Mission Bases will have a Statistical System

The Mission Bases and the Somos Venezuela (“We Are Venezuela”) Movement will have a Statistical and Geographic Information System, Real Estate Card and QR Code that will help in their growth and expansion, likewise, once the census is taken, geo-referenced data will be obtained, which will be used for the follow-up of the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations System.

This was informed by the Vice-President and Minister of People’s Power for Planning, Ricardo Menéndez, who held a meeting with the Minister of People’s Power for Youth and Sports, and Secretary of the System of Missions and Great Missions, Mervin Maldonado, through a videoconference.

In this sense, Menéndez specified that it is necessary to contribute to the definition of the prioritized areas in terms of social protection of the people by using the census segments for this purpose, as part of the expansion of the Mission Bases, whose teams have a sketch, prior agreements with Minister Paredes: «Gathering the areas of greater affectation, greater propensity of poverty concentration».

The Vice-president for Planning highlighted the importance of the formation and training that will start today, «because there is a part of the mission bases that are not georeferenced».

He also announced that «from the information gathered during the 15th National Population and Housing Census, we will have a Real Estate Card for each infrastructure of the Mission Bases. In order to relate each one of the entities to the QR code of the same».

Likewise, Minister Menéndez asserted that in function of the census, 3,000 information nodes will be deployed «which will be used to receive and download information, as well as mobile devices will be used to carry out the survey, with technology, which will remain in the field, once the Census is over, to carry out a permanent survey of the information, in charge of the Somos Venezuela Movement”.

For his part, the Minister of People’s Power for Youth and Sports, and Secretary of the System of Missions and Great Missions, Mervin Maldonado, stated that «the teams of the Mission Bases will receive training in the framework of the 15th Population and Housing Census and the Real Estate Census in order to strengthen, as instructed by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro».

It is worth mentioning that this videoconference was attended by the Vice Minister for Economic Planning, José Avendaño; the Vice Minister for Social and Institutional Planning, Wilmara Lugo and the Vice Minister for Strategic and Political Planning, Catherine González; as well as representatives of the Somos Venezuela Movement from all over the country and servants of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), who will be in charge of the training process.