Head of State approves resources to equip 200 gestational support rooms for Humanized Delivery

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, approved the request for resources to equip 200 gestational support rooms for Humanized Delivery and Breastfeeding distributed throughout the national territory.

From the House of Teresa de la Parra, the Head of State approved 28,460 Petros to equip the Humanized Delivery rooms, also approved 8,000 Petros for the acquisition and provision of 24 mobile units, which will serve for the care and promotion of the sexual and reproductive rights of women.

Likewise, 92,450 Petros were approved for remodeling, adaptation and reconditioning of the infrastructure of the Ministry of People’s Power for Women; “This is what the adaptation of the facilities of the Center for Integral Attention and Training for Women (Cafin) in 18 states, as well as the Shelter Houses in the states of Aragua, Cojedes, Trujillo, Sucre and Caracas,” said the President.

Likewise, 4,000 Petros were approved through an additional loan for the restructuring, adaptation and equipment of the facilities of the Feminist School of the South “Argelia Laya”.

The National President indicated that it is necessary to continue strengthening the plans for education, breastfeeding, training against patriarchal society and violence against women, as well as the prevention of early pregnancy.

Finally, the Head of State affirmed that 4 heroines, Eulalia Ramos Sánchez, Josefa Joaquina Sánchez, Ana Soto and Petronila Mata, will be taken to the National Pantheon.