Homeland Block denounced illegitimate session of AN this Tuesday

The bloc of deputies by the Homeland in the National Assembly (AN), publicly denounced the unlawful meeting held on Tuesday afternoon, when they altered the agenda and blamed the National Government of the political violence generated by the right wing in recent days to try to cover their responsibilities in the massacres, torture and thousands of disappearances during the Fourth Republic, when they ruled from the National Executive
This was announced by the Revolutionary deputy Ilenia Medina, spokeswoman from the Homeland Block, who from the Parliament itself and speaking first as a representative of women deputies, rejected the deception of the right wing bench to confuse the Venezuelan population who did not lived the real repression.
“It is the gall of the extreme right wing which represents the past, that unfortunately is again deceiving the people and has tried to confuse with the violence facts from its people, the events driven by themselves for 17 years, for the obsessive culture that considers as enemies to anyone who may think different, and we are the ones who think different”, she warned.
The deputy reported that this session flouted again the sentence by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) to modify the day’s agenda unexpectedly, but to this illegal and arbitrary strategy, the Homeland Bloc decided to intervene in it in order to unmask the liars.
“They try to deceive the people and try to make see that in Revolution there has been repression, disappearances and torture, but we made the historical account of how in the Fourth Republic were disappeared thousands of people”, she contrasted, warning that the Commission for Truth and Justice, which was created precisely to investigate the thousands of killings and cases of torture and disappearances from 1958 to 1999, is still in its preliminary investigations, with so many cases of the repressive past of the adeco(*)-bourgeois governments.
(*): “Adeco” refers to anything or anyone belonging to the right wing party “Acción Democrática”.