Trump admitted leading the coup against Maduro

During his speech for the State of the Union in Washington, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, openly admitted that his administration is leading the coup d’etat in Venezuela, by officially acknowledging the self-proclaimed president of the interim government, Juan Guaidó.
The journalist and president of the Radio Nacional de Venezuela Network, Isbemar Jiménez, during the “Vía Alterna” (Alternate Way( program of RNV’s Informative channel, pointed out that the US president’s speech caused much anxiety among an opposition sector that cries out for the intervention, despite the fact that he only dedicated a scant 45 seconds to the Venezuelan case:
“It is sad that the United States has to, in a symbolic way, act on behalf of the Venezuelan opposition because they do not have sufficient leadership to debate, discern the differences they may have with the Chavista leadership, and must long for and wait for the Gringo intervention to gain access to power”, she added.
Trump did not miss the opportunity to attack the constitutional president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reiterating that he will “accompany” the Venezuelan people in the search for their “freedom.”