Delcy Rodríguez: Venezuela stripped the capitalist model in the face of COVID-19

“The model used by Venezuela to confront the COVID-19 laid bare the capitalist model of the countries that are against the Revolution and even with attacks and sanctions we have guaranteed the social welfare and the attention of everything related to this virus,” affirmed this Wednesday the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez.

In an exclusive interview to Venezolana de Televisión, Rodríguez mentioned that this model was worthy of international awards and represents an example before the world and that thanks to the civic-military union and the organized people’s power “we were able to have control of COVID-19, Venezuela has been able to demonstrate that the social welfare state has been consolidated. With President Maduro we have achieved the right path, the guarantee of free public health, which also goes house by house”.

After the annual message of the nation offered by President Nicolás Maduro, Rodríguez expressed that this 2021 the country is preparing to move, even with the presence marked by COVID-19 and the appearance of new strains in an important and dangerous way in the world, to a new political cycle, to a new historical reference for the recovery of the Legislative Power which will be marked by listening to the people.

“Venezuela and the world will be living together without the normality to which we were accustomed in this 2021, however, we have demonstrated that this state of social welfare that we built with Commander Chávez is the right path, in spite of the blockade we continue to attend to everything regarding the COVID-19”, she said.

She highlighted that the Bolivarian Government, together with the Venezuelan people, is drawing a path towards hope this 2021: “in his annual message, the President made a political, economic and social balance sheet of where we are heading, we are going towards the great hope, of the Bicentennial of Carabobo, where we will be undefeated”.