Parliamentarians of the new NA vowed to always respect and ensure respect for the Constitution, the voice of the people and the Homeland on behalf of Bolívar and Chávez

This Tuesday, January 5, the women and men who were elected on December 6 to integrate the National Assembly (AN), swore by voice and in present body at the Federal Legislative Palace, that they will enforce and respect the Bolivarian Constitution to protect the people and the territory of the homeland of Bolívar and Chávez:

Do you swear, forever, to respect and enforce the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; do you swear to respect and ensure respect for the voice of the people of Venezuela; do you swear to respect and ensure respect for our sacred territory, our sacred sky and sea; Do you swear to prop up this National Assembly to look to the future, to see the reconciliation, concord and eternal life of this sacred people of Simón Bolívar and Hugo Chávez?. Do you swear?”, stated the new president of the Directive Board of the NA, Jorge Rodríguez, as part of the oath established in the protocol.

– “I swear,” responded in unison and in one powerful voice the new members of the National Legislative Power that was installed and will be in session until 2026.

Rodríguez, new president of the NA and deputy of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) thanked the men and women who took the oath before the new Bolivarian National Assembly, after being designated by the popular mandate in the parliamentary elections in December as spokesmen for the Venezuelans before the Legislative Power.

“Elected by the people of Venezuela in free, democratic, peaceful elections, an example to the world of how democracy is directly exercised in free and independent countries,” noted the socialist deputy.

Later, in his inauguration speech, Jorge Rodríguez recalled that they are in the Parliament for political reconciliation, but without forgetting, without impunity. “We had to face crimes that wanted to destroy our territory and the people,” emphasized the president of the NA.

Likewise, from the new NA the homeland will be defended, and at this point he reported that a commission for the defense of the Venezuelan Essequibo will soon come out.

He also addressed the opposition parliamentarians who, at the installation of the chamber had made objections about electoral participation and other considerations, telling them that even if the opposition party was elected with very few percentages, they are still legitimate deputies of the Republic by popular mandate.