«We are willing to dialogue, the essence of politics is dialogue, it is conversation, it is speech in the word, it is the essence of politics in the world, the essence of human life is communication,» said the Head of State, Nicolás Maduro, at a press conference with national and international media held from Miraflores Palace.

He affirmed his willingness to dialogue with all political sectors, «I ratify to the Government of Norway all of our willingness to attend to their next calls for dialogues and to advance a peaceful and democratic route for Venezuela.»

President Maduro bet on good sense and respect for dialogue, “To those who do not want to dialogue, we call them to dialogue; there is no other democratic path apart from voting ”.

If we have to sit down with the devil himself to talk, we’ĺl sit down with the devil to talk, of course then we’ll cross ourselves and pour enough holy water and alcohol on our hands so that coronavirus does not hit us, but we are willing to dialogue”.

He stressed that “only fascists propose the elimination of the adversary, only fascists propose exclusion, only the coup leaders who believe they can be imposed with coups d’ etat, in Venezuela it has been shown that by coups d’ etat, by conspiracies, the country will never be able to be governed”.