Celebrated 21 years of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela name

This Thursday, November 12, are celebrated 21 years since the country was established as the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

The change proposal was presented by Eliezer Otaiza, and was then brought to a voting where the change was accepted by a majority of the Venezuelan population.

President Nicolás Maduro, during a televised broadcast of the celebration of the International Book Fair of Venezuela (Filven) recalled the time when he was a Constituent along with writer Earle Herrera and the character of the Republic was approved.

In an audiovisual material shared in the broadcast, images of that time were displayed when it was still a proposal and with the background the voice of the late President Hugo Chávez: “To bring the name of Bolívar and let him command the Venezuelan revolution.”

“Because we are not Bolivarian only from our mouths out, no, we are Bolivarian up to deep within the bone marrow,” continued Chavez’s voice in the video.

Finally, President Maduro was also heard explaining that the Bolivarian character is about being “independent, republican and rebellious.”