Successful Electoral Simulation journey for the AN elections on DEC-6

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Indira Alfonzo, described as successful the simulation carried out this Sunday in the face of the elections to the National Assembly, in order for voters to become familiar with the new Technological Solution that will be used in the Elections on December 6, was registered “a 100% operation of the operating system and full compliance with all protocols established for the event.”

The journey, which had the participation of technical and operational staff; had a massive turnout, from the people of Venezuela, exceeding the expectations proposed by the CNE. The new Technological Solution has worked perfectly, “We are satisfied, the tests and results have been better than expected,” she said.

She added that even having been subjected, as is customary in this type of technical exercise, to various tests called stress tests, coupled with the large number of voters who decided to participate throughout the day, its operation was efficient, effective and oriented by the principles of transparency, reliability, impartiality, equity, equality, popular participation and speed, provided for in the Constitution of the Republic.

Alfonzo stressed that the Electoral Power has been in charge of guaranteeing compliance with the biosafety measures in the voting centers in accordance with the Strategic Biosafety Plan in the context of the National Assembly elections of this December 2020, which allows the safety of workers, viting tables members and of each elector who decides to exercise their right to vote.

The head of the CNE congratulated the Venezuelan people for the success of the Simulation and announced that the electoral machines will remain in the voting centers so that Venezuelans, with the right to vote, continue to familiarize themselves with the new technological solution.