More than 200,000 territorial committees registers the Great Mission Venezuela Women

At the launch event of the Great Movement of Movements “Josefa Joaquina Sánchez”, chaired by the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, an assessment was made of the number of Venezuelan women who are in the grassroots committees, which are more than 200,000 registrations in the Great Mission Venezuela Women.

From the Concha Acústica February 27 (Acoustic Shell), in the Simón Bolívar Park in La Carlota, the Minister of People’s Power for Women and Gender Equality, Dheliz Álvarez, reported that, since March 8, the goal of forming more of 200,000 committees in this Great Mission, which has managed to join forces to form more than 204,000 territorial and sectoral committees: “Each committee has between 15 and 20 women, which will be the fundamental base of the ‘Josefa Joaquina Sánchez’ Movement.”

For her part, the head of vertex number 5, Francis Vielma, shared the perspectives and future development of the movement: “We are happy that this movement was born. We have passed the first phase of registration in the committees and now we will deploy throughout the national territory, to search for every woman in our country and carry this Great Mission throughout the country.”

Also, the first combatant woman, Cilia Flores, expressed her pride in the victories obtained thanks to the efforts of Venezuelan women: “The new challenges will be faced together, and Venezuela will continue to be an example of dignity for the world, thanks to the women of Venezuela.”

In this context, the head of State Nicolás Maduro, declared a message of unconditional support for Venezuelan women: “With the woman everything, I stand with the Venezuelan woman, more now with this Great Movement ‘Josefa Joaquina Sánchez’, forever, Venezuela woman.” This movement, which is an integral part of the Great Mission Venezuela Women, marked an important milestone by taking stock of the number of Venezuelan women who have registered in this mission that exceeds, in record time, the five million 400,000 women registered through of the Patria System.