Software audit of voting machines will end next Friday

Next Friday, October 23, will culminate the audit of the voting machine software, established by the National Electoral Council (CNE) for the parliamentary elections on December 6.

This audit is part of the total of 16 verifications that will be carried out in this electoral process, and in it will be reviewed the hardware, software and data of the voting machines, which implies the review of the source code, as well as tests in the technological solution, in order to check its correct operation.

It will be verified that on the day of the election the secrecy of the vote, the biometric authentication process of each voter, the integrity of the safeguarding of the information, the encryption of the files with keys shared between the political parties and the CNE, as well as an exhaustive review of the components of the voting machine, indicates a bulletin of the electoral body.

The scope of this audit also includes the review of the source code of the voting machine software, review of the hardware of the technological solution, the application of execution tests in a controlled environment and the generation of Hash of the applications and source code.

Political organizations participate in this audit in person, while national and international observers do so through videoconference.