Jorge Rodríguez: Venezuela does not accept interference in matters that only Venezuelans should resolve

This Thursday, the head of the Delegation of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the Dialogue process with the Unitary Platform of a sector of the opposition, Jorge Rodríguez, pointed out that Venezuela does not accept interference in matters that only should be resolved by the Venezuelans.

Rodríguez made this statement before the media, in response to the recent interventionist statements by the Secretary of State of the United States (USA), Antony Blinken; and the White House’s special advisor for the Western Hemisphere, Juan González, to which he expressed his categorical rejection, after describing them as unacceptable, false and not corresponding to reality.

In this regard, he highlighted that such statements show “an immense ignorance of how the legal system and the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela work.”

By now they should already know that Venezuela does not accept any pressure, blackmail, or bribes. nor interference from any power or country,” he asserted.

We do not accept, nor we will ever accept, any type of interference in matters that only Venezuelans can and will resolve,” he added.

Respect for the pledged word:

The president of the National Assembly also reiterated that Venezuela does not and will not accept anyone to interfere in its affairs: “We are not blackmailable, we are not conditionable, what we are is respectful of the pledged word,” he said regarding the agreement recently signed in Barbados.

We respect it, we support it and we will defend it, and we hope the faction of the Unitary Platform that signed this same document will defend it in the same way,” said the deputy.

He warned that with the great media power the United States has, they are trying to subvert the truth, to try to impose a matrix that is not what is contained in the agreement, he assured.

Given this, he pointed out that the leaks made one day before the signing of the agreement by two American media outlets had the same tenor.

In his intervention, the head of the Venezuelan Delegation in the dialogue process reiterated that any Venezuelan can be a presidential candidate, as long as they meet the requirements established in the Venezuelan legal framework.

To endorse this point, Rodríguez quoted article 11 of the agreement: “Authorization will be promoted to all presidential candidates and political parties as long as they meet the requirements established to participate in the presidential election, consistent with the requirements in Venezuelan Law, also in accordance with to the principles of speed, efficiency and effectiveness included in the Constitution.”

In reference to this point and others, he assured that the Bolivarian Government of the Republic of Venezuela will duly observe each aspect contained in the agreement.

In this sense, he recalled that among these is the call for an international observation mechanism, as well as guaranteeing the political rights that all Venezuelans have.

Regarding the scope of the agreement, he pointed out that although a first step was taken this Wednesday, “what is legal, what is legitimate is that Venezuela was not subject to a single one of those unilateral coercive measures incorrectly called sanctions,” he expressed.

On the other hand, Rodríguez reiterated they are people of their word, and therefore cannot reveal some conversations that have taken place; However, he warned: “If the lies persist, if the observations and opinions that are far from reality, and “meddle-ism” persist, we are going to reveal the tenor of the conversations that have been had.”

We gave our word to keep many conversations in reserve, don’t force us,” he reiterated.