Ministry for National Trade conducted more than 14,000 audits for the protection of the people

A total of 14,781 inspections to commercial premises have been carried out by the Ministry of People’s Power for National Commerce, as reported Minister Eneida Laya, who also highlighted that eight months have passed since the exhortation to traders to avoid economic distortions such as speculation, usury and non-compliance with formalities, this with the aim of achieving a real, productive and non-speculative economy.

She also announced that, after several meetings and gatherings that included the different chambers of commerce and representatives of the economic and productive sectors of the country, a new stage of inspection will be started this Monday, with which will be applied preventive measures to protect the people; which will give way to the application of administrative sanctioning processes and any legal actions that the cases may imply.

Regarding the simplification of procedures to favor all sectors and eliminate bureaucracy, the Minister warned that work is being made on these actions in the different regions of the country with the implementation of new technological platforms that give advances to the Venezuelan people regarding the application of their marketing procedures, such as the Single Registry of Persons Developing Economic Activities (RUPDAE).

Likewise, she assured that the Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property (SAPI) opened an alternative to offer technical consultations to all artists and talents, through the operation of a Virtual Office to which those inside or abroad the country can access and thus opt for these services; also highlighted that were merged the following bodies: National Autonomous Service for Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations (Sencamer) and the Development Fund for Standardization, Quality, Certification and Metrology (Fodenorca), in order to simplify the procedures for quality certification, an activity that can be done in record time through the Ministry’s website: mincomercionacional.