CNE: 17 political parties in effect for the Presidential elections

AP, Copei, IPP, MAS, MEP, Mpapc, Nuvipa, ORA, PCV, Podemos, PPT, PSUV, Somos Venezuela (formerly NCR), Tupamaro, UNTC, UPP89 and UPV, are organizations with fully valid political aims to participate in the coming electoral process.

The information was offered by the rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tania D’Amelio, on her Twitter account – @taniadamelio – who stressed that these parties represent options for voters at the national, regional and municipal levels.

In the case of AD, MUD, Primero Justicia, Puente and Voluntad Popular parties, are organizations called to renew their registration lists, in compliance with the Constituent Decree, the rector explained that only AD, MUD and Primero Justicia parties requested to participate in the validation process.

He explained that both AD and the MUD are in the phase of challenge and verification of the listings of registered parties under renewal.

The rector also clarified that the MUD was excluded from the day of gathering demonstrations of will convened by the Electoral Power, in response to the ruling of the Constitutional Chamber of the TSJ, considering that the validation of the unitary card contradicts the prohibition of double militancy.

Finally, the official referred to the case of the change of denomination, acronyms and symbols of the NCR party by Somos Venezuela, clarifying that this “is a normal act” foreseen in the law that regulates political parties, and of which there are sufficient precedents.