Ambassador Moncada: Mercenary Goudreau sues Guaidó and his partners in US Court for breach of contract.

The mercenary hired by Juan Guaidó to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro, Jordan Goudreau, has sued his partners in the terrorist act for breach of contract this Friday, October 30, before the Miami-Dade Circuit Court of the United States (USA).

This was reported by the ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the United Nations (UN), Samuel Moncada this Friday, through his account on the Twitter social network @Smoncada_VEN:

Goudreau sues Guaidó and JJ Rendón for 1.4 million dollars. He claims that Guaidó’s team asked for $ 20 million for a street uprising synchronized with the attack. The artificial «gang war» that occurred in Caracas before the attack confirms this version”, He expressed.

Likewise, he highlighted that the mercenary provided specific data on the participation of Juan Guaidó and his boss, Leopoldo López, in the terrorist operation; In addition, he provided his contacts with officials of the Trump Administration, who promoted the project.

Likewise, Ambassador Moncada asserts, in one of the messages, that Goudreau coordinated the operation with Leopoldo López by videoconference “and names Lester Toledo and Jorge Betancourt as López’s representatives to attend to the preparations in the United States. Toledo admits the meetings with Goudreau but «to bring food to Venezuela”.

Finally, he maintains that “Goudreau knows that there is a propaganda campaign to distort reality and present him as an agent of the Venezuelan government who sold out his companions. Now he reacts by telling much more than he had so far kept quiet, thinking that he was going to be backed by his government”.