National Commerce Office will supervise compliance with the biosafety protocol during flexibilization

Following the announcements recently made by the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, the head of the National Commerce portfolio, Eneida Laya, announced that this body will be deployed from Monday to Monday to ensure compliance with biosecurity protocols in stores and chains of country distribution.

She specifically urged the 24 economic sectors prioritized within the flexibilization scheme, to maximize prevention measures against Covid-19:

“From the Ministry for National Commerce we will be making a presence in those businesses that, in some way, have relaxed during this quarantine. We will carry out some supervision to establish alliances that do not affect the health of our people but neither will affect the productive apparatus of the country”, stressed Laya.

She also recalled compliance with schedules in stores and distribution chains, as well as compliance with the sale of food, “Takeaway only”.

“Restaurants may be open, but only to offer their products for takeaway or delivery”, reiterated the head of National Commerce.

During the telephone transmission, broadcast by the Venezuelan television channel, the head of this organization assured that those businesses that fail to comply with these protocols will be applied the pertinent sanction measures, she mentioned that have already been notified during previous meetings with both the Chamber of Shopping Centers, as with Fedeindustrias and other unions.

Laya assured that this flexibility is supervised, therefore, from the Ministry for National Commerce the situational room is kept active to receive complaints, alerts and suggestions from the sovereign people. “The conscience of our people is the key, it depends on stopping contagion.”

During the broadcast, it was also announced that 90% of user visits to businesses in the country have been in compliance with security measures: “That is why we congratulate our merchants, both public and private, for the great effort made from their premises to care for the health of Venezuelans. Thanks to this, we have not had rates of contagion in shops or merchants”.

She concluded by assuring that the objective is to reduce the contagion curve in the country and that she hopes that, of continuing compliance with bio-safety measures, other economic sectors may be incorporated into the seven plus seven (7 + 7) scheme.