Venezuela is supported by great nations that guarantee the import of medicines for Covid-19

Today the National Executive has the support of China, Turkey, India, Cuba, Russia and other great allied nations, managing to guarantee the importation of drugs and treatments necessary to confront Covid-19, as announced by President Maduro, during a “Productive Wednesday” work agenda.

The Head of State reported that in the face of the pandemic, Venezuela fully develops epidemiological protocols with a quarantine under the 7+7 concept: “Well, I cannot say how, though, but we have brought them indeed”, he revealed, referring to the information that must be preserved in order to prevent the empire’s criminal blockade from doing more damage.

He also indicated that the country is applying medical treatments to care for all patients, especially those in serious condition, experimenting at the clinical level with global therapies that are giving results abroad:

“The American empire and the fascist right are prosecuting drugs against Covid-19. Everything else they say is a lie. But we have brought the medicines and we will continue bringing them”, warned the Constitutional President, Nicolás Maduro Moros.

New quarantine formulas:

The Head of State showed the epidemiological maps of the Venezuelan 7+7 formula and the levels of radicalization of the quarantine in the country.

In level 1, of radical quarantine, he showed the areas of entities in red, which include the Capital District, Miranda state and others, where the levels of contagion have been increasing. “And we have to cut it off, and the only cure is quarantine.”

In the following map, he showed the second level, with partial flexibility and monitored with the 9 states marked in blue, including Anzoátegui, Aragua, Falcón, Nueva Esparta, Yaracuy, Carabobo, Mérida and Monagas states, where were authorized activities of 10 prioritized economic activities.

And the third map, with the General and expanded Flexibility, in mustard color, with the 8 states that enjoy the 7+7 and with activity of the 24 prioritized sectors of the economy.

“The idea is that we get to the point of taking care of each other, we are going to get to that point of 7+7. We could try new formulas to favor the flexibilization of the economy and social in a safe way”.