Chancellor Arreaza: British justice denies right to health to the Venezuelan people

The justice of the United Kingdom denies the right to health to the people of Venezuela, as denounced this Thursday the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Arreaza, after the decision of an English judge to acknowledge deputy Juan Guaidó as alleged “interim president”, and to pretend to confiscate the country’s gold reserves.

The 31 tons of gold have been requested by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) since 2018. The Bank of England refused to allow the Venezuelan authorities to have access to the resources that would be destined to acquire medicines and food.

“Even the BBC, a news media of the British State, acknowledges it: the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela would use those resources in coordination with UNDP (United Nations Development Program) to confront Covid-19”, said Arreaza on Twitter, in response to a disclosure by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The BBC is a public service radio and television entity owned by the UK Government and is based at Broadcasting House, London. It broadcasts through satellite, cable networks and the Internet globally, and has several subsidiaries such as BBC News; BBC Mundo (Latin America); BBC Multimedia; BBC North, among other networks.

On May 14, the BCV sued the English bank in order to regain its reserves and sell the ingots in order to transfer the resources to the UNDP to acquire food and medicines amidst the pandemic.

Earlier, the Executive Vice President, Delcy Rodríguez, said that this denounce, given “the extravagant decision” by the English first instance judge, Nigel Teare, will be added to the demand that the Government of Venezuela is handling before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Teare asserted in his decision that, for the United Kingdom, the deputy in contempt (Guaidó) is “unequivocally” the alleged “interim constitutional president” of Venezuela.

Based on this position, he stated that only an “ad hoc” board representing the self-proclaimed, can access the reserves.

Rodríguez also noted that the intention of Guaidó and his associates is to satisfy their personal interests and those of the United States government using, among other resources, the gold of Venezuela retained in the Bank of England.

In an attempt to confiscate these resources, they seek to “pay the political recognition” that they have had after his self-proclamation in a public square in eastern Caracas on January 23, 2019, counting on the maneuvers of the British government.

She also pointed out that Guaidó’s political representative in the United Kingdom, Vanessa Nauman, compromised the interests and rights of Venezuela on the Essequibo territory with the sole purpose of receiving the acknowledgement by the English Executive branch for the supposed government of the self-proclaimed.

In the lawsuit that began last May, the BCV stated that the retention of its reserves is part of a political plan to financially pressure the Venezuelan government.

These political maneuvers by the administration of Donald Trump, Guaidó and other international instances have illegally confiscated several Venezuelan assets abroad, such as Citgo, a subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) in the United States, and Monómeros in Colombia, with the consent of the governments from both countries.