TSJ urges Electoral Nominations Committee to consign list to integrate new CNE

The Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) in a presentation by the magistrates that make up the Constitutional Chamber, urged this Wednesday the Electoral Nominations Committee so that within the term of 72 hours, the list of pre-selected citizens that will integrate the new National Electoral Council is consigned.

According to a press release from the highest court in the country, sentence No. 0069-2020, with a joint presentation is positively valued the work carried out by deputies Ángel Medina, Luis Aquiles Moreno, Stalin González, Piero Maroun, Olivia Lozano, Franklyn Duarte, William Gil, Nosliw Rodríguez, Jesús Montilla, Julio Chávez and Gregorio Graterol, as well as by citizens Petra Tovar, Orlando Pérez, Mercedes Gutiérrez, Luis Alberto Serrano, Luis Alberto Rodríguez, Guillermo Miguelena, Diana Rodríguez, Eduardo Castañeda, Bussy Galeano and Alexis Corredor, members of the Electoral Nominations Committee.

Likewise, it is ordered to notify the aforementioned citizens of the decision using telephone and / or electronic means, in accordance with the provisions of article 91.3 of the Organic Law of the Supreme Court of Justice.