Venezuela confirms 82 new Covid-19 positive cases

Venezuela confirmed this Thursday a total of 82 new Covid-19 coronavirus positive cases, bringing the number of infected by the outbreak to 1,327, as reported the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro.

The Venezuelan head of state detailed that two cases are by community transmission, and 80 cases are imported, coming from Colombia.

From Miraflores Palace in Caracas, the National President clarified that in Venezuela is being evaluated the situation of coronavirus for national and imported cases, since it is the only country that is receiving compatriots returning from other nations amidst the pandemic:

“One thing are the cases of contagion in Venezuela, and another thing are those cases coming from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, that stay at the borders”, said the Venezuelan president during a journey of delivery of houses.

In this sense, he emphasized that Venezuela has installed on the border with both nations an epidemiological fence which contemplates the application of diagnostic tests, free of charge, and the fulfillment of a mandatory quarantine:

“In Venezuela any treatment of this kind, whatever the cost, is covered by the socialist state, protecting our people. This happens only in Venezuela, and in the countries of the ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our Americas)”, he emphasized.

On the other hand, he explained that with this number of infected by community transmission, Venezuela maintains the flattened curve, which allows to start a new phase of quarantine flexibility, which will start next Monday.

However, he asserted that the national, social and collective quarantine will be maintained. It should be remembered that the State of Alarm, declared on March 13; was extended until June 13.

“The quarantine is maintained, what we are going to establish is a time slot for economic, commercial and financial activity. We can do it already”, he said.