More than 46 tons of medical material arrive from China to combat Covid-19

This Tuesday, the fifth humanitarian aid flight from China arrived at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía, La Guaira state, with 46 tons of equipment and medical supplies to prevent Covid-19 in the country, as part of the bridge air established between both nations.

The Minister of People’s Power for Health, Carlos Alvarado, specified that the shipment comes to strengthen the diagnostic and preventive capacity of the Bolivarian nation amidst the pandemic.

He explained that equipment and kits for 80,000 PCR tests arrived with all their components, robots for extraction, almost four million masks, gloves and other supplies, totaling with this fifth shipment almost 300 tons of materials since it was activated the airlift.

«Everything that is required for both diagnosis and protection will be distributed in health centers, sentinels and the Barrio Adentro health mission, and to health professionals who so require it», said the Minister.

For his part, the Chinese Ambassador in Caracas, Li Baorong, stressed that humanitarian aid, coordinated by the leaders, Xi Jinping and Nicolás Maduro, groups the efforts of the government, the party and 20 Chinese institutions and companies:

«A month ago, President Xi Jinping and Nicolás Maduro had a telephone conversation. Today, different materials and medical supplies, necessary for this battle of Venezuela against Covid-19, have arrived», he said, while stressing that the priority and the most urgent thing is cooperation to give a joint response.

Likewise, the Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza, added that China has given a reliable sample of what solidarity means, and stressed that to date they have received more than a million rapid tests; 1.6 million gloves; more than 130,000 protective suits; infrared thermometers and other materials.