Chancellor Arreaza: Venezuelan people will respond with their vote to stateless deputies

The chancellor of the Republic, Jorge Arreaza, said on Saturday that the people of Venezuela will give a strong response through the vote to opposition deputies who travel the world asking for sanctions against Venezuela.

“When we listen to or read these stateless opposition deputies asking for more sanctions against Venezuela around the world, we cannot help but imagining the overwhelming response that the Venezuelan people will give them with their vote in the parliamentary elections. Independence, or nothing!”, wrote the head of Venezuelan diplomacy on the Twitter social network.

Arreaza’s pronouncements come after opposition deputies Luis Florido, Julio Borges and the self-proclaimed «interim president» of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, called on international organizations to strengthen the unilateral coercive measures they maintain against the country.

Despite the economic situation that Venezuela is going through, as a result of the financial blockade that the US government is executing with the support of opposition deputies, the people have stood firm to respond to every illegal action that threatens sovereignty.