Final assault attempt of Washington against Venezuela has failed

On Tuesday, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, affirmed in his Annual Message to the National Constituent Assembly (ANC) that the failure of the attempt by Washington of a final assault against Venezuela in 2019 projected a decisive political importance for the present and especially to the future of the nation:

«There was a factor that did not enter the calculations: We are talking about the people factor, who already has a cumulative 20 years of revolution, who feels as a depositary of the legacy of Hugo Chavez.»

During his speech, the head of state reiterated the denounce that Venezuela has tirelessly made before international organizations about the White House’s claims to tie the Venezuelan Government’s hands and feet from all possible fronts to destroy the population’s quality of life and destabilize the country.

In the presentation of the Report and Account of his administration corresponding to 2019, President Maduro detailed the facts that marked the state of siege that led the empire against the country with the help of sectors of the national right wing.

However, the president stressed that Washington’s failure caused the opposition leadership to be totally fractured and discredited nationally and internationally, divided and confronted with each other.

He said that what was seen on January 5 at the installation of the National Assembly of Venezuela, was the result of a set of failed policies, internal corruption, inconsistencies, defeats and failures.