President Maduro congratulates university students on their day

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, congratulated the university students for celebrating University Student Day on Thursday.
Through his account on the Twitter digital social network, @NicolásMaduro, the Head of State wrote: “I send my love and support to the struggle of student leaders and members of the FVEU, who remain on the right side of the story, defending the educational conquests of the Bolivarian Revolution. Happy University Student Day!”
On the other hand, the first vice president of the National Constituent Assembly, Tania Díaz highlighted through her Twitter account @taniapsuv, the historical deed of the students of the Central University of Venezuela who, on November 21, 1957, began a strike that did not took long to spread throughout the country. The contribution of the students in the struggle and overthrowing of the dictatorship of Pérez Jiménez were decisive”.
In the political history of Venezuela, university students have been of a great importance in the democratic development of the country, that is why from November 21, 1957 the day of the university student is celebrated in honor of the fight they fought for the overthrowing of dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez
Likewise, November 21 was established as Student’s Day, for the deed accomplished in the country’s universities, according to Official Gazette number 25.818, of November 21, 1958.
In this sense, university students from all over the country take the streets of Caracas on November 21 in a great march for peace and in solidarity with the originary peoples.