National Dialogue Board set up preliminary committee to designate new CNE

The National Dialogue Board set up the Preliminary Committee that will be responsible for designating the Nominating Committee of the National Electoral Council (CNE), as reported by the deputy for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Francisco Torrealba.
Through his account on Twitter, the legislator said that the following agreements were determined:
A sub-commission was appointed where will participate deputies Angel Medina (Primero Justicia), Luis Moreno (Acción Democratica), Julio Chávez (PSUV) and Willian Gil (PSUV), who will be responsible for developing a work schedule around the progress of the Committee of Applications for the CNE.
Hours earlier, Deputy Francisco Torrealba explained that the sub-committee of four parliamentarians was elected by the Preliminary Committee appointed by the Venezuelan Parliament and was made up of seven deputies from the opposition and four from the Bloque de la Patria (Homeland Bloc).
The commission was bipartite and paritary, that is, it was made up of Ángel Medina, Luis Aquile Moreno (AD) and parliamentarians Julio Chávez and William Gil, both of Psuv.
Torrealba said in an interview with Venezolana de Television (VTV) that there should also be made the incorporation of the people to form the Evaluation Committee that will be composed of 21 people: 10 from civil society and 11 from the Venezuelan Parliament.
He emphasized that, in order to carry out the process, the National Assembly must get out of the contempt determined by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ):
“We hope that sooner rather than later the National Assembly will get out of contempt, if they do not, the country cannot wait any longer and could appeal to the Plenipotentiary Power” he detailed.