Uruguay ratified the transfer of Mercosur presidency to Venezuela

President Tabare Vazquez ratified the decision of Uruguay to transfer the pro-tempore presidency of the Southern Common Market (Mercosur) to Venezuela, a step stalled by the refusal of the Governments of Paraguay and Brazil.
In a press conference with his counterpart from Germany, who is on a three day State visit to Montevideo, he said the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry is “actively working” in consultation with the other countries of the bloc.
He acknowledged that still “there is no unanimous position on this,” and stressed on “that of Uruguay has not changed”.
It is noteworthy that last week the Venezuelan Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez, stated that the Treaties of Asuncion and Ouro Preto have “very clearly” established that for the transfer of the pro-tempore presidency of Mercosur should simply pass one semester and be made in alphabetical order.
That provision, he said, is not subject to any conditions, and stressed on that: “Any different step would place us in violation of the Treaties of Mercosur”.
“We came to Venezuela to defend the unity of this regional bloc that is so important for the area and for the world in general,” stressed the Venezuelan official.