BCV rejects US order to Citibank to transfer the country’s resources to the Federal Reserve

The order issued this Thursday by the United States Government, in which it orders Citibank to transfer resources from the Venezuelan State to a Federal Reserve account of the Trump administration, was rejected by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), through a communiqué.

The text asserts that it is an illegality, consummated in “a vulgar dispossession of financial resources belonging to the Venezuelan Issuing Entity”, in addition they qualify Washington to try to delegitimize the constitutionally elected authorities in an attempt to seize fraudulently, in agreement with deputies of the National Assembly in contempt (AN), of the assets and resources belonging to the Venezuelan people.

This Tuesday the AN, an instance in contempt, “approved” an authorization to transfer resources in US currency confiscated from the National Government after the appropriation of Venezuelan assets in the US, to Federal Reserve accounts.

Following, the full text:

“The Central Bank of Venezuela rejects and repudiates the unilateral measure imposed by the Government of the United States of America, in collusion with a group of deputies of the Venezuelan National Assembly in contempt, through the illicit order issued by the US Treasury Secretariat in which it instructs the Citibank banking institution to transfer the resources of an account whose owner is this Institute, to an account of the US Federal Reserve, consummating a vulgar dispossession of financial resources belonging to the Venezuelan Issuing Entity, through the misappropriation of the heritage whose sole owner is the Venezuelan State.

This action adds to a series of attacks directed by the Government of the United States of America against the Central Bank of Venezuela, which not only seek to discredit the legitimacy of its higher authorities, but mainly, seek to fraudulently seize the assets and resources belonging to the Venezuelan people, and which together make up multifactorial aggression to cause suffering to the people of Venezuela.

The Central Bank of Venezuela will exercise all the actions that may take place within the framework of International Law and the national legal system, to protect and defend the legitimate rights and interests of the Venezuelan State, which has been the victim of this dispossession of its financial resources, executed directly by the Government of Donald Trump in collusion with extremist deputies of the Venezuelan right wing, and who undoubtedly configure the commission of serious crimes of organized transnational crime.

In the face of this deplorable situation that directly affects the normal development of the Venezuelan economy, already affected by the illicit economic and financial blockade of the supremacist elite that governs the United States of America, and currently aggravated by the pernicious impact of the global coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), we ratify our commitment to maintain and preserve the institutionality of this Central Bank, executing our activities in strict adherence to the current legal framework, as well as the ethical and moral principles that inform public management, to guarantee the continuity of the Institute’s operations with the highest standards of safety and efficiency.