Venezuela will present achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution at the Sao Paulo Forum

Venezuela will present the achievements in education and gender equity by the Bolivarian Revolution at the 25th Sao Paulo Forum, which takes place in the spaces of the Teresa Carreño Theater and the Alba Caracas Hotel, from July 25 to 28.
For this, the Ministry of Education will participate with a stand, which will present the educational achievements in these 20 years, among which are the missions and major missions; as quotes a press release from the ministerial entity:
“We are a happy people who in resistance builds the best quality of life for supreme social happiness. Each one of the stands simplify and represent the social achievements in each of the public life spaces of the Venezuelan people (…) It is important that the struggles of the peoples of the world be exalted”, said the Deputy Minister for Educational Communities and Union with the People of the Ministry for Education, Jorge Pérez.
The Tricolor Magazine, declared as Cultural Heritage of Venezuela last April, will also participate in the activity; an editorial that will present the critical and political thinking of the South American nation, as well as the strength of the people before the constant threats and attacks promoted by the government of the United States (USA).
“Here the political, educational, cultural technological talent is in this sample of the Teresa Carreño Theater we honor the international delegates of the 5 continents; in this way the Ministry of People’s Power for Education, has an important presence and that is that through the Robinson Mission, the publications of the IPASME, the Tricolor Magazine and the Bicentennial Collection rigorously reflect the Venezuelan talent with a Caribbean and universal Latin American look”, stressed the coordinator of the magazine, Hugo Colmenares, quoted in the press release.
For her part, the Minister for Women and Gender Equality, Caryl Bertho; stressed that in the spaces of the Teresa Carreño Theater the 450 delegations from various countries of the world will be able to visualize and learn about the policies and tools developed during the Bolivarian Revolution – promoted in 1999 by Commander Hugo Chávez – for the protection of women.
“From our stand we show each of the achievements we have obtained during these 20 years of Revolution and that is very important, since our Government has taken great international steps where more than 110 countries can see and will be multipliers of our reality, especially in Caracas”, emphasized the minister.
Under the slogan “For Peace, Sovereignty and Prosperity of Peoples”, this year’s meeting includes discussions and reflections on issues such as the advance of neoliberalism and imperialism in the world and in the region, with its consequences such as the increase in poverty, threats to democracy and peace, attempts at economic, political, social and even military interference in Latin America and the Caribbean.