President Maduro denounces campaign against Venezuelan migrants to tarnish elections in Venezuela

A negative campaign directed by social media at the service of the US Government and international agencies with Nazi tendencies, seeks to affect Venezuelan migrants abroad, and tarnish the upcoming presidential elections in Venezuela, as denounced this Monday by the president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro.

During the “Con Maduro+” program in its 36th edition, the head of state warned that this campaign aims “to stain the noble Venezuelan migration” that left the country due to the imposition of more than 930 unilateral coercive measures by the United States Government (USA)

He explained that this campaign is led by (News media) CNN En Español, the Associated Press Agency (AP), and the German Deutsche Welle (DW) agency: “They have a campaign saying that all the crimes in the world today are committed by Venezuelans. A campaign to stain Venezuela. Be on alert with that campaign, it is part of the campaign (they have) because this is an electoral year, a presidential year, (it) is to tarnish Venezuela and in the end, to try to tarnish me,” he stressed.

He explained that as a result of this campaign, young Venezuelans living in countries such as Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia are returning to the national territory: “Welcome, come to Venezuela. This is your land, this is your homeland.”

Fight against drug trafficking:

Likewise, he recalled that Venezuela has also been attacked in the world with a narco-state narrative, despite the fact that the United Nations (UN) has recognized the Caribbean nation as one of the countries with the most drug seizures globally.

In this regard, he highlighted the performance of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), which acted through the National Anti-Drug Command in a joint international operation with France, in which they seized more than three tons of cocaine in the Caribbean Sea. “We have to feel proud of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, of the intelligence and counter-intelligence forces, of the police forces and we are going to continue moving forward,” he said.

Regarding this action, the President called on the governments of the world, and especially those of Europe, to learn about the “successful combat model” that Venezuela has against drug trafficking:

Come and check the model so that you can see for yourselves, we broke the seizure record, a record, yes, our Military Aviation has broken the record of intersection and neutralization of Central American drug trafficking vessels that come from Colombia, we have a fireproof, truly successful policy, because Commander Chávez made the decisions that had to be made,” he highlighted.