Will be carried out great march to welcome participants of the Sao Paulo Forum

This Tuesday the sectoral vice president for Social and Territorial Development, Aristóbulo Istúriz, announced that in order to welcome the participants of the Sao Paulo Forum, a great march is planned from the Llaguno Bridge to the Museums Square, also highlighting that Venezuela will host this important meeting, where not only Latin American spokespersons will meet but also will have the participation of 450 delegates committed to social movements.
This was informed at the conclusion of the weekly cabinet of the different ministers and entities attached to the social cabinet, where he said that there will also be a cycle of permanent forums from the Teresa Carreño Theater spaces to show the achievements of the Revolution.
In this regard, the head of the sector portfolio for Social and Territorial Development, said that in turn on the streets will be social sectors accompanying this event, with the participation of workers, women and communes:
“So we will be an example for the other countries, because we will not only share experiences but also the guests will see that this process ensures and guarantees social stability not only as a Government but is a joint work with the people”, said Istúriz.
Historic July:
Istúriz said that for the current month, the Bolivarian Government will meet dates, commitments and scheduled activities that are of utmost importance and are relevant to the history of Venezuela, “Including July 24 where Venezuela will celebrate a historic date as a people and childrens of Bolívar and Chávez. It is the birth of the Liberator as well as the commemoration of Navy Day”.
The also sectoral vice president for Social and Territorial Development added that on the 25th will be the celebration of the foundation of Caracas; “28 is the day of our Commander Hugo Chávez. In this context of historical dates is that our being and the reaffirmation of patriotic commitment are nourished. ”
He also stressed that for the week of Caracas the Esteban Gil Borges School will be rehabilitated, located in the historic center of La Pastora, and announced that “the restoration and rehabilitation work of this emblematic school for the La Pastora parish has been completed thanks to the people of the Tricolor movement ”.
NAM Summit:
In another aspect, Aristóbulo Istúriz, summarized that 120 countries met in Venezuela at the Ministerial Meeting of the Bureau in Coordination of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) where their representatives expressed an extraordinary position towards our country and also rejected the actions and the blockade murderer against the people.
“I can say that all the aggression was repudiated by each representative of the nations gathered in the NAM. We are proud of the countries that are not aligned in Venezuela and, above all, have supported the Revolution. ”