Head of State instructed action lines to communicators to the homeland

During the Homeland Congress, Communicators chapter, the President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, instructed on Monday on the lines of action that must be followed in this field for the defense of the truth in the communicational battle of the country.
Following, know the instructions by the State Chief:
1. To prioritize the dissemination of the Venezuelan truth internationally with strategies, clear messages and new codes, with the use of new tools. He stressed that, of being initiated soon, will be created cracks in the media siege, and will vindicate the peoples of the world who want to be independent.
2. To assume the document «Homeland Congress, Communicational chapter», emerged from assemblies held across the country- as a straight instrument of all media that make up this articulating space.
3. To constitute the Communicational Councils by Parish, an instrument of consultation and disclosure established in the Law of People’s Communication, adopted in 2015 by the National Assembly. He instructed Minister José Luis Marcano and the Attorney General of the Republic, Manuel Galindo, to draft the regulations of that legal instrument.
4. He requested to conduct the Revolution in its content always from the innovation, renewal, creativity and ethics, with a high technical quality. «We must have the best media, sometimes we get stuck in formats. Then no; creativity and aesthetics», he asked.
5. He created the Robinson Digital Mission, under the slogan «I exist and I can». The training policy will instruct on digital media, but will also contribute to the constitution of digital networks and audiences.