US Department of Justice will open investigation to Citgo board appointed by Guaidó

“According to information that has just arrived, it is likely that the US Department of Justice will open an inquiry to the spurious board of directors that Juan Guaidó -deputy of the National Assembly in contempt- appointed for the Citgo company, because they altered the accounting to exceed 70 million dollars in the payment of the interests of a supposed (PDVSA) 2020 bonus. This is about to happen in the coming hours”.
This was reported on Monday by the Sectoral Vice President for Communication, Culture and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, during a social work journey at Miraflores Palace.
He noted that “apparently the person directly involved in taking the money is Carlos Vecchio”, leader of the Voluntad Popular party. Likewise, he noted that when the courts ordered the capture of Roberto Marrero, right-hand man of Guaidó, information on the mechanisms to obtain the money was found on his cell phone.
“First, to find out in which banks of the world the Republic (Bolivarian of Venezuela) had money to try to appropriate them with the complicity of the governments that support it: (Donald) Trump, (Iván) Duque, (Mauricio) Macri and (Jair) Bolsonaro”, he said.
Also, Rodriguez said that the intelligence information received since March 23 determined, in addition, Marrero was in charge of the terrorist plans that sought to introduce assasins from Guatemala, El Salvador, among others, to assassinate government figures and the opposition.
In this regard, the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, insisted that corruption among opposition actors is reiterative, while stressing that “the novelty is the vulgarity as Venezuela’s riches are being distributed (…) the evidences are coming out. “