Russia reiterates its support for the Venezuelan people and the Constitutional President Nicolás Maduro

“We reiterate our willingness to help the Venezuelan people and its legitimate president Nicolás Maduro, we are willing to continue with our constructive help to counteract the attacks that he suffers and also to participate in the Montevideo mechanism, to be part of the contact group with a dialogue inclusive, without conditions and without ultimatums”.
The statement was made by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, during a press conference held on Sunday in Moscow, after a bilateral meeting with Venezuelan Chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, a day before the Russian diplomat meets with the secretary of state from the United States, Mike Pompeo to be held in Finland, to address the situation in Venezuela.
“We are convinced that force can not be used, nor breach the Charter of the United Nations or the agreements of international law, it is evident that, just as any other people in the world, Venezuela has the right to determine its destiny within the framework of peaceful dialogue”, said Lavrov.
Regarding the humanitarian aid, the diplomat stressed that the Russian government opposes the politicization of humanitarian aid, while urging the necessary channeling of these resources through the mechanisms available to the Organization of Nations. United (UN).