US attacks exacerbated the patriotic sentiment of the Venezuelan

«It was not in the calculations of the empire our national sentiment», expressed with absolute conviction the Minister for Penitentiary Services, Iris Varela, in reference to the behavior assumed by the Venezuelan people after the attacks perpetrated against the National Electric System (SEN) last March:
«What the US have done is to increase, to exacerbate the patriotic feeling for which we are truly patriotic», continued Varela during the «Dando y Dando-Radio» (Taking and giving,-Radio) program broadcast by RNV Informative channel.
The strategy of the empire did not reach out to the Venezuelan people, because «they look for their equals, for those who are in harmony with them, for those who believe that the Homeland is to travel to Disneyland, those are their leaders, our leaders are flesh and blood ones, and the ones who shed their blood for giving us our independence».